• What is water-based wood paint resin
    What is water-based wood paint resin


    Water-based wood paint resin is the main raw material for the production of water-based wood paint. It can be used as varnish, paint the bottom dual-use resin. It is widely used in water-based industrial wood coatings, water-based decoration coatings and other fields. Water-based wood paint resin is divided into water-based wood paint and oily wood paint. Oily paint consists of organic solvents. It will cause pollution to the environment, and can also burn. Water-based paint and oily paint in environmental protection and health are essential differences. Water-based wood paint is the most difficult and most technologically advanced products in wood coatings. With the people's awareness of environmental protection, water-based wood paint with its advantages of non-toxic environmentally friendly, odorless, volatile very little, non-flammable non-explosive high security, no yellowing, brushing area and so on, it is become more and more welcomed by the market. Water-based wood paint resin is divided into water-based self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion and polyurethane and acrylic copolymer emulsion, can produce all kinds of water-based wood paint. Acrylic acid as the main component of water-based wood paint, the main feature is good adhesion, will not deepen the color of wood and cheap. Polyurethane and acrylic ester as the main component of the water-based wood paint, in addition to adhering to the characteristics of acrylic paint, but also increased the wear and anti-chemical characteristics of the strong, fullness of the advantages of better, its comprehensive performance close to oily paint.

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  • Application and classification of textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries
    Application and classification of textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries


    Textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries according to the production process can be divided into two major categories of textile auxiliaries and printing auxiliaries. Dyeing and finishing auxiliaries in the dyeing and finishing industry is widely used, has penetrated into the printing and dyeing processing of all corners, its main uses are: lubrication, wetting, penetration, promote dyeing, emulsification, dispersion, foam, Clean, leveling, soft, fixed color, waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-wrinkle, flame retardant, anti-static and so on. In addition to a small amount of inorganic acid and alkali additives, organic matter, the polymer resin also has many applications, and extensive use of only surfactants.

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  • Performance and Process of Waterborne Adhesive for Printing and Packaging
    Performance and Process of Waterborne Adhesive for Printing and Packaging


    With the gradual improvement of national living standards, people on the printing and packaging of exquisite, green and other requirements are getting higher and higher, thus driving the printing and packaging industry to flourish, but also led to a large number of productions about adhesive which is used for printing. One of the water-based adhesive with its water-based environmental protection, excellent performance and come to the for Printing water-based adhesives mainly include water-based laminating adhesive, water-based sealing adhesive, starch glue, paper paste and other varieties. 1.water-based laminating glue Water-based laminating adhesive with high brightness, low cost, easy operation, water-based environmental protection features. In recent years has been a large number of popular. Water-based laminates are mainly cold-paste compound and dry-type compound two. The market is mainly based on cold paste compound, but the dry compound development faster and faster. Water-based cold paste laminating machine covers an area of less space, less power consumption, easy to operate. Water-based dry laminating adhesive with a strong ability to cover the powder, finished high stiffness, strong bonding properties, it is good for ink compatibility. 2.  water-based sealant Binding has been unable to meet people's aesthetic needs of the packaging, so the use of adhesive on the seal of the seal has become a good choice. Because of its water-based environmental protection, flexible film, anti-aging performance and other characteristics,water-based sealing adhesive to become the mainstream of the market. Water-based sealing adhesive is a kind of milky white to yellowish viscous liquid. By the different manufacturers of water-based sealing adhesive in the opening hours, the initial viscosity, durability, odor appearance will be a greater difference.  Selection, it should be fully tested its adhesive products to do low temperature resistance, durability, peel strength for adequate testing, and try to use large output, high quality control of the manufacturers. 3. mounted tile with rubber powder or starch glue Due to the greater alkalinity, and the adhesive force in general, the choice of starch modified with powder or direct finished starch gel will be a suitable choice. Selection of powder should be selected when the appropriate formula, and should pay attention to shelf life. 4. Flattened and mounted paste It is suitable for the combination of cardboard and cardboard, and the market generally has PVA acetal and modified white plastic two.

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  • World water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive production status
    World water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive production status


    In addition to China, the United States, Europe, Japan are the main origin of water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. Although the world's water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive production cannot be counted,probably the trend can be seen. In the water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive products,transparent sealing tape, stickers label dominant. Production of Pressure-sensitive is low,return to the sticker label statistics.At present, the world water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive products about 14,000 kinds,According to statistics, in 2000 the world's water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive production is about 108.9 * 10,000 tons, water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive products total production of about 32600000000 square meters, of which transparent sealing tape 215000000000 square meters, self-adhesive label paper production is about 11100000000 square meters , The production development of water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive in Asia-Pacific is promising .

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