• Chemical properties and performance of water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive
    Chemical properties and performance of water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive


    Chemical properties and performance of water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive mainly reflect in the following nine aspects: 1. Adhesive properties 2. Infiltration performance 3. Anti - peel performance 4. Early sticky and sticky performance 5. Creep shear resistance 6. Temperature resistance 7. Flame retardant 8. Anti-aging, anti-oxidation 9. Corrosion resistance The composition has a great impact on the performance of pressure-sensitive adhesive: Natural rubber-based rubber-type pressure-sensitive adhesive, curing temperature is low, good viscosity, good temperature resistance, but the antioxidant, anti-aging poor Silicone rubber and silicone resin as the composition of the silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, anti-stripping performance, but with the type of pressure-sensitive adhesive, is still poor resistance to aging. Different components will produce different performance

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  • Welcome Indian Clients to visit our company
    Welcome Indian Clients to visit our company


    2018.3.28,customers from India have come to visit our company. Foreign trade manager and relevant personnel warmly welcome our customers, and introduced our product which they are interested in detailedly. Clients took several samples of their interest that day.

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  • 2018 Orange War, We continue to fight
    2018 Orange War, We continue to fight


    March 10, 2018,Anhui sinograce Chemical Co., Ltd held an event launching ceremony of “2018 Orange War” in Hefei Big Shu mountain.      

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  • Interpretation of Waterborne Wood Coatings
    Interpretation of Waterborne Wood Coatings


    1. acrylic water-based paint The use of acrylic emulsion as the main component, the main feature is good adhesion, will not deepen the color of wood, but the wear resistance and chemical resistance is poor, the film hardness is soft, fullness is poor, comprehensive performance in general, film Good construction is easy to produce defects. It is suitable for water-based wood primer, matte finish. Because of its low cost and low technical content, is the majority of low-end water-based paint business to market the main products. This is also the reason why most people think that water-based paint is not good. 2. acrylic and polyurethane synthesis Its characteristics in addition to adhering to the characteristics of acrylic paint, but also increased the wear and anti-chemical characteristics of the strong, better film hardness, comprehensive performance close to oily paint. Is the country's water-based paint to the development of the backbone. 3. pure polyurethane water-based paint Its comprehensive performance, fullness, high hardness, high hardness, wear resistance even more than oily paint, service life, color deployment has obvious advantages. Is a high-end products in the water-based wood paint, suitable for high-grade solid wood furniture, the price is relatively high. Water-based wood paint according to its film can be divided into three categories: 1. One-component water-based wood paint Advantages: one-component water-based paint through continuous improvement, its performance is getting better and better, in the original film flexible, high transparency, fast drying, good adhesion, delicate film on the basis of soft, the film fullness, water Resistance, hardness and scratch resistance are also significantly improved, fully able to meet the wooden furniture plane and facade system coating needs. At present, one-component water-based wood paint in children's pine furniture, children's toys, outdoor furniture, the application has been very mature. Disadvantages: water-based paint with water as a thinner, in the course of use will change the moisture content of wood, wood moisture content changes will lead to wood swelling, bending deformation, thus increasing the difficulty of water-based paint construction. In addition, water-based paint for thinner, made open and semi-closed effect, and thus in the processing of grinding to be more sophisticated, which requires furniture companies need to have a higher production process standards. As a single component of water-based paint by the natural evaporation of water film, so the construction temperature and humidity have certain requirements, and the film dry speed is slow, the degree of cross-linking is not high formation of the film is not dense, the final film Quality is not guaranteed, so the one-component water-based paint film hardness and scratch resistance is not strong. So the one-component water-based wood paint is not suitable for painting on the hardness requirements of high furniture....

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