• The night of Sinograce- 2018, New year's annual party
    The night of Sinograce- 2018, New year's annual party


    Time flies, the years go by so fast. Busy 2017 is over, 2018 comes to us. New year gives birth to new goals and hopes, Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co.,Ltd hold the New Year’s annual party at Chaohu Country Garden Phoenix Hotel in Feb.,2, 2018. All staffs of sinograce and co-company leaders gathered together to share together. Warm guitar accompaniment, brilliant pendulum, graceful solo girl’s singing, elegant solo boy’s singing , sketches which make people laugh out loud, and the gripping magic show, party show is unusually brilliant, dizzying. Interspersed lottery draw had gradually moved the atmosphere to the climax. This party not only brings laughter, but also makes colleagues closer to each other. Singing, applause, and cheering have been rippling on the party. The glorious 2017 has passed, and 2018 of hopes and challenges come quietly. In the past year, we have smiled, survived and harvested. In 2018, we are full of longing and passion. Let’s stand up our sleeves and try our best to create a better tomorrow.

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  • Encounter yadav in the snow - Sinograce-Indian cooperation first step
    Encounter yadav in the snow - Sinograce-Indian cooperation first step


    Cold winter can not stop the fiery heart, amiable yadav, traveled across the sea traveled to Anhui sinograce in the Nien water based adhesive business negotiations for the cooperation between the two sides opened the first step to success, I believe we will be more and more cooperation in the further.

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  • The formation factor of water-borne coating
    The formation factor of water-borne coating


    With the progress of water-based resin technology, water-based paint technology has been recognized by more and more industries and applications. In promoting environmental protection at the same time, water-based paint its special hydrophilic structure may also lead to premature failure of the coating. We usually attribute the cause of failure to resin performance defects, while ignoring the water-based paint and the bonding between the substrate. The binding force can be understood as a good connection between the coating and the substrate. The experimenter has obtained the connection between the coating and the substrate by various methods, but the coating does not completely wet the substrate to form a solid-liquid interface Before the discussion of mechanical anchoring, van der Waals force or chemical bond and other factors will become unrealistic. Therefore, "wetting spread" has become a prerequisite for the combination of factors. In everyday applications, it is generally believed that relatively rough substrates are more conducive to the formation of binding forces. Theoretically, the surface of the rough substrate has a larger surface area than the flat substrate, and when the substrate is wetted with the coating, the air is removed and both have a larger contact area to obtain the bonding force. However, for waterborne coatings, the surface tension of 40-50 dyn / cm is higher than that of most substrates, and the contact area of the aqueous coating with the substrate is often reduced due to the inability to wetting, resulting in loss of the binding force. For example, Figure 1 shows that the formation of liquid-solid interface is conducive to the formation of binding force. The water-based coating is in contact with the substrate. The gas-solid interface SG and the gas-liquid interface SL are replaced by the liquid-solid interface SG. The coating and the substrate begin to establish a part of the connection relationship. When this phenomenon is rapidly diffused to a certain extent, Into the drying curing stage, and finally complete the mechanical anchoring or chemical reaction. The angle of contact is related to the surface tension of the substrate and the coating. The angle is directly related to the degree of wetting and spreading of the aqueous coating to the substrate. When the contact angle θ> 90, it is considered that no wetting occurs, and the contact angle θ <90, the paint can quickly spread and penetrate the pores. When the ideal liquid-solid interface is formed, the increase of the contact area between the coating and the substrate must promote the formation of the binding force. However, due to the surface pressure difference, the complete wetting may only be achieved in large pore size pores, and for pores with small pore size, the wetting process becomes rather slow and tends to complete wetting before curing. When the tiny pores are sufficiently dense, a thin layer of air film is formed between the surface of the non...

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  • Chinese New Year Holiday Notice
    Chinese New Year Holiday Notice


    Please note we will begin our holiday for Chinese New Year from February 12th to February 23rd . We suggest you place orders in advance, and we could arrange pre-production process accordingly. Kindly contact our sales rep for any issues in this period. Sorry for the inconvenience of you! Best regards, Anhui sinogracechemical

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