• Basic features of water-based gravure ink for plastic film
    Basic features of water-based gravure ink for plastic film


    Plastic film as the object of packaging printing, many kinds, and the use of printing also involves many aspects, so the variety of this kind of ink is extremely wide.In particular, this ink shall have the characteristics of fastness to adhesion printing effect processing tolerance and other requirements.The surface of plastic film is smooth, and the ink can not be permeated, so it must be printed with strong adhesive ink of the film. Therefore, it is very important to have a reasonable ratio of various resins and solvents with strong adhesive of plastic film.Therefore, it is very important to make a reasonable ratio of different resins with strong adhesion to plastic films and solvents for dissolving resins.In the case of insufficient ink adhesion, often like polyolefin film through surface treatment to adjust the surface tension of the film, in order to improve its adhesion to the ink.Printing packaging supplies, generally should have bright color printing effect.In addition, after processing should have layer and bag making suitability and other processing suitability; According to the various uses of printing processing products, ink film is required to have friction resistance, rubbing resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, boiling resistance, content resistance and other endurance; In addition, when printing food packaging materials, special requirements for low odor and safety. Plastic film packaging gravure printing ink can be roughly divided into two kinds: external printing (table printing) with ink and printing (printing) with ink.Table printing ink requires gloss adhesion strong rubbing; Printing ink requires a suitable pressure film.Table printing ink for snacks, bread and other food packaging materials and fertilizers, feed, clothing, groceries and other packaging materials printing; The printing ink is used for printing packaging materials such as fast food, pickles, boiled food, distilled food and washing products. Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co., Ltd.(Sinograce Chemical) is mainly engaged in the business of chemical products,sAs raw materials such as screen printing.Sinograce Chemical is mainly engaged in the business of screen printing ink raw materialsand other product series.welcome you to consult, this is our email sales@sinogracechem.com

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  • Water-based ink composition
    Water-based ink composition


    Water-based ink is composed of resin (water-soluble resin colloidal dispersion emulsion polymer) aqueous amine (mainly ammonia) pigment (organic pigment inorganic pigment) and additives.The so-called water-based ink is mainly water as a solvent by scientific processing, compared with other printing ink, water-based ink, because it does not contain volatile toxic organic solvents, so in the printing process on the health of the printer operators without adverse effects, no pollution to the atmosphere, no pollution to the printing itself.Because ink painting has the characteristics of non-flammable, it can also eliminate the hidden danger of inflammable and explosive in the printing workshop, which is conducive to safe production.Water-based ink includes water-based screen printing ink water-based gravure ink water-based flexo (relief) ink. Sinograce Chemical is mainly engaged in the business of screen printing ink and other product series.Good materials, advanced production technology, and fine manufacturing techniques are used in the production of chemical liquids. Please click here

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  • How to choose the appropriate label glue
    How to choose the appropriate label glue


    1.Permanent and removable options In terms of the performance of adhesives, they can be divided into two categories: permanent adhesives and removable adhesives.(Permanent is generally used in electronic machinery, such as electronic label, typical: mobile phone battery label, removable is generally used in food, personal care, such as: wet wipes label, fruit label, clothing label, etc.) 2.The surface of the attached object Because labels processed with self-adhesive materials may be labeled on the surface of various materials, such as glass metal cardboard and plastic, and plastic can be further divided into POLYvinyl chloride high density polyethylene.Tests show that different labeling surfaces have the greatest impact on performance (it is best to use glue and materials with the same or similar chemical composition to paste the material). 3.Label the surface structure of the substrate Intuitively speaking, a rough labeling surface requires a strong glue 4.Label the surface shape of the substrate The surface of the base material can be flat or curved. If the surface of the base material has a certain radian (for example, the surface of a medicine bottle with a diameter of less than 3cm), the paper with good adhesion or a strong glue may be required.It is also necessary to choose materials with better flexibility and tensile resistance, such as PVC and flat surface of the pasted material, which can adapt to a wider range of labeling materials. 5.Cleaning condition of label surface Self-adhesive material is most suitable for clean, dry, oil-free and dust-free labeling base material (any labeling, it is necessary to keep the surface of the paste dry, oil-free and dust-free, so as to achieve the best labeling effect) 6.Adverse effect of plastic on glue Adhesive viscosity needs to be pasted under cold, hot, humid or room temperature conditions.Use the environmental sticker label whether it is exposed to the environment below freezing point, whether it is used outdoors under high temperature, humidity or ultraviolet light, and whether it is close to a high temperature car engine. Are you looking for high viscosity adhesive suitable for all kinds of substrates? Welcome to SINOGRACE chemical consulting

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  • Waterborne Acrylic Resin
    Waterborne Acrylic Resin


    Waterborne Acrylic Resin Product Description: The water-based acrylic resin is made of acrylic acid and acrylate monomer through solution polymerization. Product purpose: This product can be used for water-based aluminum foil gloss and ink, water-based gravure printing paper gloss and ink, water-based carton ink manufacturing Product features:alcohol water as the main solvent, has no smell, no toxicity to the environment, no pollution to the biological, moderate color, moderate molecular weight, the wettability of pigment is better Specifications:  Viscosity: 60 65s /25 (solids :35 1%, 4 cups) PH: 8.5 to 9.5 Solvent: ethanol water Solids: 50.1% (120. LHR) Product validation:the water-borne acrylic resin, the aluminum foil light oil and ink transparency is extremely high, the formation of strong metal feeling, colourful, have good adhesion, excellent printing adaptability, good gloss, fast drying speed, molecularly imprinted dry without peculiar smell Product technical information content: formula, manufacturing process, raw material supply list, need equipment list, Formula FAQ maintenance method, raw material inspection and product quality inspection, cost accounting, use method. Water based acrylic polymer emulsions are fully reacted acrylic polymers dispersed in water. These products contain no residual free formaldehyde. These polymers are now being widely used in the paint/coatings, ink, leather, textile and adhesives industries, and are finding their way into other high performance niche applications every day. Our company produces all kinds of Waterborne Acrylic Resin, welcome to consult customers who need Water based Acrylic Resin

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