• The night of Sinograce- 2019, New year's annual party
    The night of Sinograce- 2019, New year's annual party


    The golden year of the golden pig, the stimulating music has already opened the curtain of the new spring, the festive red carpet has been laid for the business colleagues,  Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co.,Ltd hold the New Year’s Annual party at  Century Golden Resources Hotel in Jan.18, 2018.The evening party and the customer Return Dinner, the hot dance on the stage, the Indian style dance, the comedy  pushed the whole event to the climax, the stage draw, the game music kept going, everyone gathered together. This gathering not only brought joy to everyone, but also opened the curtain for our bright future in 2019. At the end of 2018, a new voice will be opened in 2019. I hope that the opportunity will be another jump. The good luck is good, the mood is better, the career is rising, luck is around, and the next year is brilliant and high. Happiness comes out of arduous work.,China dream, sinograce dream, We are fighting for the dream. Dream is not finished, fight is not over, 2019 sinograce will be better.

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  • Analysis on the application of waterborne polyurethane (WPU) in coatings
    Analysis on the application of waterborne polyurethane (WPU) in coatings


    Waterborne polyurethane Analysis on the application of waterborne polyurethane (WPU) in coatings Waterborne polyurethane is used in waterborne wood coatings, which is expected to obtain excellent film hardness, heat resistance and dielectric properties, and good film-forming properties. The higher the degree of microphase separation of aqueous polyurethane, the greater the difference of softening temperature, the better the film formation and heat resistance, but for wood coatings, film hardness and resistance to media is also an important measure of the performance of the index. In order to improve the dielectric resistance and the hardness of the coating, it is necessary to increase the crosslinking density and increase the proportion of the rigid segments in the molecular segments, it certainly will reduce the flexibility and relative molecular mass of the waterborne polyurethane molecules. These are not conducive to the micro phase separation, the mixing degree increased, unfavorable to the film. The research route is of high hardness, low molecular weight (less than 1000) polyester polyurethane preparation to obtain a high degree of crosslinking, heat resistance, chemical resistance and film hardness.  At the same time, with good flexibility, high molecular weight (more than 2000) linear polyester preparation or low branching polyurethane, to improve the degree of microphase separation, the coating has excellent film-forming properties, reduce film-forming agent dosage, improve the film hardness rise velocity. And through these 2 kinds of polyurethane copolymerization to obtain comprehensive performance.   Test method for aqueous polyurethane dispersion Huajinsi  The aqueous poly (ethylene glycol) dispersion 4188/4100 (FOD) does not contain any free OH group, but they are still able to react with poly (ethylene glycol) as a hardening agent. This is due to the reaction of the amide backbone of the polyurethane dispersion. Because we can not calculate correctly, we can only recommend the following methods: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16%, a combination of isocyanate curing agent to quickly test. Aqueous ammonia fat dispersion with different curing agent, stirring for 10 minutes and then construction in plastic or wood substrate. After drying at room temperature on the 7 film angels bridge complete placement. 7 days after the test of chemical resistance (water, alcohol, coffee, fruit pulp, etc.) and mechanical properties (pendulum hardness, pencil hardness, scratch resistance, etc.), the results can be seen how much hardener. In this case, the hardener with 10~12% can achieve good film performance. The relationship between hardening agent weight and paint performance of hydroxylamine PUD binder Hardening agent Film state Film properties PUD binder No hardener: bad alcohol resistance Flexible elastic membrane Not very scratch resistant PUD binder Add 2% hardener: bad alcohol resi...

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  • Trip to huangshan
    Trip to huangshan


    In order to further enrich the leisure life of employees, strengthen team building, and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of employees. On November 17,the company organized a group construction activity . A total of more than 90 employees went to the scenic huangshan city for a 2-day group construction activity. The tour of huangshan mountain covers tunxi laojie, hongcun ancient villages, tachuan and other different scenery spots. The well-preserved ancient  architecture of the Anhui style make people intoxicated and reluctant to leave. The group construction activity promoted the communication between different departments, further enhanced the team cohesion, promoted the steady construction of enterprise culture, delighted the mood of employees, encouraged everyone's morale, and played a positive role in further enhancing the team cohesion.

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  • Sinograce Chemical in CHINA ADHESIVE&TL-EXPO 2018
    Sinograce Chemical in CHINA ADHESIVE&TL-EXPO 2018


    As leader of Chemical products in China, Sinograce brings diversified products and leading technology in Fair. Based on the deeped developing to the market and with first-class technology. Sinograce Chemical offer series solution, to satisfy requests of performance and production in adhesive area.

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