Super hydrophobic coating aerosol spray PF-301

Slight odor

Easy to carry and use

Oil resistant and dirty resistant

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Product Detail


Slight odor 

Easy to carry and use

Oil resistant and dirty resistant 

Excellent hydrophobic property 

Fluorine polymer and nano material 

Applied to fabric, canvas, textile, outdoor products etc. 

Excellent hydrophobic property







-Concrete etc.

Chemical composition

Nano fluorine silicone polymer

Technical data

Water contact angle:     140-150º

Duration:                       1~3 months

Content:                        200ml/can

Cover area:                   0.8-1.0 m2/100ml

Application method

1.Clean the products surface

2.Shake well before using

3.Spray it vertically and keep a 20 cm distance from objects

4.Finally, dry it under well-ventilated place naturally for 5~10 min

Package, Storage and Transportation

Available in 200 ml/can for waterproofing spray

Storage period: ~24 months in shady and dry place

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      Super hydrophobic coating aerosol spray PF-301
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