High temperature resistant ceramic non-stick coating C-107

S-200 is particularly designed for baking operation, and features extraordinarily glossy surface, outstanding stain resistance, non-stick performance and superior scratch resistance. The surface is easy to clean after baking operation. It has a very good operability, it is workable at 200℃, can be widely applied on the inside coating of iron bakeware.

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High temperature resistant ceramic non-stick coating C-107 is High temperature resistant ceramic non-stick coating composed of nano ceramic materials. It can resistant to 800℃ with superior chemical resistance and abrasive resistance.


Ceramic nano material

Key features

PFOA free

Excellent high temperature resistant (>800℃)

Excellent non-stick performance and easy to clean

Superior chemical resistance and abrasive resistance

Typical properties

Appearance:                                    Black

Solid content (%):                            40±1

Viscosity (cp):                                  400~800

Density (g/ml):                                 1.18

Color of the film surface:                  Black

Curing temperature (℃):                  250-280

Gloss (60° glossimeter):                   0-5

Film thickness (μm):                         12-20

Corrosion resistance:                       No blister (5% H2SO4 for 24 hours)

Corrosion resistance:                       No blister (Boling 10% salt water for 24 hours)

Abrasion resistance 3KG/21cm2:     >20000 cycles

Hardness (ZHONGHUA pencil):      ≥8H


-Aluminum and stainless steel fry pan, wok, soup pot, rice cooker, electric pressure cooker, electric saucepan, electric baking tray, cake mould etc.

Storage and handling

Available in 20 kg/ barrel or 30 kg/ barrel

Store products in tightly closed original containers at 5-40℃

Shelf life: 9 months from delivery date

According to non-dangerous goods transport

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      High temperature resistant ceramic non-stick coating C-107
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