White two-layer fluororesin non stick coating PF-601

S-200 is particularly designed for baking operation, and features extraordinarily glossy surface, outstanding stain resistance, non-stick performance and superior scratch resistance. The surface is easy to clean after baking operation. It has a very good operability, it is workable at 200℃, can be widely applied on the inside coating of iron bakeware.

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    White liquid (Primer and top)
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White two-layer fluororesin non stick coating PF-601 is white two-layer fluororesin non stick coating. Superior initial non stick property, easy to clean. It’s ideal for internal coating and external coating of frying pan, stock pot, baking tray, electric fry pan and inner pot of electric cooker etc.


Water based fluororesin

Key features

PFOA free

Excellent heat resistant

Excellent chemical resistance and abrasive resistance

Excellent and lasting non-stick performance, easy to clean

Typical properties

Appearance:                                     White liquid (Primer and top)

Solid content (%):                            40±1 (Primer)

                                                         44±1 (Top)

Viscosity (cp):                                   600~1000 Primer

                                                         400~800 Top

Density (g/ml):                                  1.28 Primer/1.30 Top

Ph:                                                    8-11(Primer and top)

Color of the film surface:                   White with metallic(Flat and smooth)

Curing temperature (℃):                   380-420

Gloss (60° glossimeter):                   15-25

Film thickness (μm):                          20-30

Non-stick performance:                     >10 cycles (Fry eggs at 170±10℃)

Corrosion resistance:                       No blister (Boling 10% salt water for 24 hours)

Abrasion resistance 3KG/21cm2:     >3000 cycles

Hardness (ZHONGHUA pencil):      >F


-Aluminum fry pan, wok, soup pot, electric roasting pan, baker, etc.

Storage and Handling

Available in 20 kg/ barrel or 30 kg/ barrel 

Store products in tightly closed original containers at 5-40℃

Shelf life: 9 months from delivery date

According to non-dangerous goods transport

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      White two-layer fluororesin non stick coating PF-601
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