3-Perfluorooctylpropanol (CAS 1651-41-8)FC-024

Perfluorooctyl propanol, 3-perfluorooctyl propanol

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Perfluorooctyl propanol, 3-perfluorooctyl propanol

Typical Properties

Content (%) ≥98

Molecular formula C11H7F17O
Molecular weight 478.15
CAS No. 1651-41-8
Boiling point 106


Chemical reagents, fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, material intermediates

Storage and Handling

25KG package

The product should be stored in an airtight container to avoid freezing and high temperature. The normal storage temperature is recommended to be 2-8°C
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      3-Perfluorooctylpropanol (CAS 1651-41-8)FC-024
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