Water Based Polyurethanes Dispersions(PUD) are one of the most growing segment for the surface coating industry due to their technological advances, that has made them an effective substitutes for the solvent based analogs. Due to have very low Volatile organic compounds(VOC) and Formaldehyde-free, PUD are used in many industrial and commercial applications. They are easy-to-us and effective properties as compared to their solvent based analogs. PUD are formulated as air dried or baked coatings for flexible and rigid substrate-such as leather, fabric, plastics, paper and ceramics. PUDs are graphic art inks, adhesive for shoes and textiles due to good fallibility to nature and can be coats on many products in different industries. Water based polyurethanes dispersion for manufacture of adhesive has excellent performance on heat resistant, fast drying, endurance bonding strength and atomization. PUD for leather coating is high gloss or matt, soft film will be formed and very suitable for coating on the soft materials etc.

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