• Warm congratulations to anhui sinograce chemical on its successful participation in the LABELEXPO Europe-2023 exhibition
    Warm congratulations to anhui sinograce chemical on its successful participation in the LABELEXPO Europe-2023 exhibition


    As a professional manufacturerof label and package printing coating industry, Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co., Ltd took part in this LABELEXPO Europe-2023 exhibition.he exhibition focused on showing the company's coatings in the field of coatings, including water-based label adhesive and water based paper adhesive,top and primers coating, Other Adhesive,coating additives,film etc. In the four day of the show, our booth attracted great attention from visitors all over the world. Some of our products in glue, ink and topcoat have become a highlight of this exhibition. Our products are favored by many new and old customers. Many of the participants in the exhibition are very interested in the products of the our products. Many customers are on-site detailed consultation, hoping to take this opportunity to a further cooperation. Through the exhibition, we reached a cooperation agreement or intention with many customers, carried out friendly exchanges and made to many new friends, learned the latest dhesive label Label and inks,top coating and primers coating ,Other glue,coating additives market, opened up an international perspective, which will also bring new opportunities in the future to the development of Sinograce Chemical.

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  • Six categories of ink
    Six categories of ink


    1 Fluorescent ink: Fluorescent ink is made of fluorescent material dissolved in the corresponding resin. The particles of fluorescent pigments are generally thicker, the types of bonding materials are more, different bonding materials will produce different fluorescence, in the use of fluorescent ink should ensure that it has sufficient concentration, the ink layer on the printing product is thicker, so as to ensure satisfactory fluorescence effect. Fluorescent ink after screen printing printing bright color, decoration effect is very good, under the action of visible light and ultraviolet light, can emit sparkling fluorescence. 2 Photochromic ink: UV ink photoinitiator is a compound that is easily excited by light, excited into free radicals after absorbing light, and the energy is transferred to photosensitive molecules or photocrosslinking agents, so that UV ink photocuring reaction occurs. UV ink has become a more mature ink technology, and its pollutant emissions are almost zero. In addition to solvent free, UV ink also has such advantages as not easy to paste, clear dot, bright ink color, excellent chemical resistance, consumption and so on. 3 Light storage and phosphorescent ink: Light storage pigment is the use of inorganic fluorescent material with phosphorescent effect of some zinc sulfide. Copper fluorescence, calcium sulfide. Prepared from bismuth fluorescence, etc. Inorganic fluorescent matter is by crystal light, if the pressure will make the crystal rupture, resulting in reduced luminosity, so the general use of screen printing is more suitable, ink carrier and fluorescent matter in use mixed. The characteristic of phosphorescent ink is to absorb light and then emit light at a certain wavelength within a certain time. The pigment of this ink is zinc sulfide containing a small amount of impurity (such as zinc cadmium sulfide), it is afraid of acid, afraid of alkali, so it requires the use of neutral resins such as cyclohexanone resin, fiber ester and ether. In addition, heavy metals, desiccant and drying oil should not be added to the ink to avoid damaging the pigment substance. The binding material used should be transparent and be able to penetrate ultraviolet light. This ink is mainly used for printing advertising and signs, but if phosphorescent ink and fluorescent ink are mixed for anti-counterfeiting packaging printing, you can receive good packaging decoration and anti-counterfeiting effect. 4 Special printing ink: Printing ink is mainly composed of colors, fillers, linking materials, etc., of which the composition of the color is an important part of determining the color and brightness of the printing, many manufacturers and ink factories customize the special ink for each product printing, and the formula is kept secret by the ink factory. 5 Compound ink: After two or more kinds of anti-counterfeiting inks are mixed according to a certain proportion, composite inks with new properties can be developed, and it will be diffi...

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  • We Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co., Ltd. will join the LABELEXPO Europe-2023 exhibition
    We Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co., Ltd. will join the LABELEXPO Europe-2023 exhibition


    LABELEXPO Europe-2023 exhibition at Place de Belgique 1 BE - 1020 BrusselsSept.11th -Sept.14th, 2023 At Labelexpo Europe 2023, view hundreds of live demonstrations of the latest innovations, examine the most advanced collection of label and package printing technologies and acquire what your business needs to succeed. Explore the world’s largest label and package printing trade show and advance ten steps ahead of the competition.We will show you  high quality for coating:Adhesive label and inks,top and barrier coatings,primers and varnishes ,Other glue,coating additives,Thickener resin etc. We sincerely invite you to stand Booth No.: 3C68 LABELEXPO Europe on behalf of our company.I am sure you will find the most professional and most suitable supplier in the Printing and label exhibition Europe. WELCOME! The most professional chemicals supplier!

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  • Sinograce Chemical Group construction
    Sinograce Chemical Group construction


    Sinograce Chemical Co., in order to adjust the work pressure, create a passionate, responsible and happy working atmosphere, so that everyone can be better invested in the next work. The company specially organizes and arranges the "Dream of Niushou Mountain, Dream walking Jinling City" team building activities, aiming to enrich the spare time of employees, further strengthen the team cohesion, enhance the unity and cooperation ability between the team, and better serve businesses and customers. On the morning of June 18, the event officially kicked off. The company has organized a series of wonderful activities to visit Jinling City and Niushou Mountain. This team building activity strengthened the communication and exchange between employees, enhanced team cohesion, relaxed body and mind, immersed in the beautiful scenery, pleasant body and mind, participated in the team building activity to understand the work pressure of employees, enhanced the sense of belonging and loyalty of employees, and improved the identification and recognition of employees to the company. Activities can enhance the feelings between colleagues, strengthen internal unity, relax employees properly, and create a positive working atmosphere. Making more friends will greatly promote the development of the company's career.

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