3.Process variations of different paint types-Waterborne wood paint application process 2


3.Process variations of different paint types
Applying a matt lacquer to the varnish can change the coating to a matte finish, while applying a varnish to a matt lacquer reduces the brightness of the film and does not achieve maximum brightness and transparency.
The color paint of waterborne wood lacquer can be divided into two types: coloured coating and transparent color paint. The coloured coating is made of red, yellow, blue, white and black pigment paste and varnish. It has sufficient hiding power and can be made into matt type. The construction method is the same as varnish. Generally, 2 to 3 passes can achieve satisfactory results.

Transparent paint can be done in two ways. One is to use a transparent pigment (or dye) to make a transparent paint and then apply; Another way is to use the base coloring method,First use water - based or oil - based paste to brush wood, then varnished after polishing.After repeated treatments, the coloring and fullness are satisfactory.For open painting, because the micropores on the surface of the wood are to be revealed, the solid color paint with strong hiding power is not easy to use, and the effect can be achieved by coating with a transparent color paint. Of course, the number of paintings is not excessive.

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