9H Nano Ceramic Coating Car Paint Care Ceramic Car Coating Superhydrophobic Anti-scratch Coating

9H super high hardness
Shinny gloss, anti-scratch
Anti- oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-fire
Self-cleaning, hydrophobic and anti-uv etc

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Product Detail

9H Nano Ceramic Coating Car Paint Care Ceramic Car Coating Superhydrophobic Anti-scratch Coating

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-9H super high hardness

-Shinny gloss, anti-scratch

- Anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, fire protection

- Self-cleaning, hydrophobic, uv resistant, etc

Car Ceramic Coating superhydrophobic coating ceramic car coating

Technical data

Appearance: Transparent liquid

SiO2 content: 85%

Hardness: 9H

Water contact angle: 110~120 degree

Coverage: 50-80 sqm/L

Duration: 2-3 years

nano ceramic coating nano ceramic coating car nano ceramic for cars

Chemical composition

-Nano SiO2 Resin

Application area

-Car paint

-Ceramic etc.

How to use

Step 1: Preperation: Wash and Polishing

Polish the car paint to remove the scratch; Degreasing to remove the oil and residue on car paint, to make coating be tightly attached on car paint.

Nano Ceramic Coating Superhydrophobic Anti-scratch Coating Car Paint Care Ceramic Car Coating 

Step 2: Wipe Coating

Put the coating on sponge and coating small area by area as "T" shape on car paint.

Step 3: Wipe the coating by microfiber towel

1-2 minutes later, the finger feel coating be sticky without spare water left, then wipe by the microfiber towel which twisted from water. Wipe again and again repeatedly until looks shinny. About 1 hour later, coating solidity, the first layer of coating finished. If operating the second layer of coating, you can do same as the first layer.


1.After coating finished on car paint, the car can be used after 3 hours later without rainy day. 72 hours later you can wash the car, 20 days later the coating get the best effect.

2.Within 72 hours after finished with coating, should better not attach water on car paint. If water attached, wipe it be dry right away, to avoid print occur.

3.Within 72 hours, should better not drive the car too fast, if the objects such as mosquito attached on, clean the dirt right away.

Package, Storage and Transportation

-1000ml/bottle or 500ml/bottle (or customized package)

-Stored in dry, shade and ventilated warehouse

-Shelf time: ~3 years

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      9H Nano Ceramic Coating Car Paint Care Ceramic Car Coating Superhydrophobic Anti-scratch Coating
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