Automobile Glass Anti-fog Mirror Film Agent

Automobile Glass Anti-fog Mirror Film Agent PF-411 is a colourless polymer functional material liquid. The main component of this product is UV hydrophilic resin, which has good adhesion on PC plastic board and excellent fog resistance.

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Automobile Glass Anti-fog Mirror Film Agent is Transparent liquid.Anti-fog mirror film agent.


Strong fog resistance

Good adhesion


Appearance :Transparent liquid

Density(g/cm2): 0.8-1.0

Coating thickness(μm): 5-8

Leveling temperature/time(℃ : 60℃

UV Curing Energy(J/cm*cm): 480-550


PC sheets 

Detection methods and performance indicators

Testing items

Test method


Initial droplet angle

3-5 ml water, tested in 10 seconds

< 10 degrees

Scratch free

No fogging

No fogging

Dry film adhesion

Berg test



Wet film adhesion

80 degrees steam fumigated nail scratch

Scratch free


Steam test

Place for 5 seconds at 10 cm above 80 C water vapor

No fogging


Steam test

Place it 10 cm above 80 C steam for 10 minutes, dry naturally, observe the appearance, and then do anti-fogging test.

No fogging

HOW TO USE for Automobile Glass Anti-fog Mirror Film Agent

Before cleaning: wipe the PC board with absolute ethanol.

Spraying process: The sample can be uniformly sprayed on the sample plate with a disposable dropper, then placed vertically, and baked in a 60 degree oven for 3 minutes.

Curing process: UV curing, energy between 480-550 J/cm*cm.

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