(CAS:25987-06-8) Polyethylenimine

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    Colorless or light yellow liquid
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Product Detail

Typical Properties
Appearance:Colorless or light yellow liquid
Purity (%):50,98
Molecular weight:600\1050\1500\10000\70000
PH value:11-12

-As a primary brightener, grain refiner, improve dispersing ability, used in alkaline zinc plating, copper plating, tin plating and tin alloy, aluminum plating and aluminum alloy
-A water-soluble polymer is hygroscopic, soluble in water and ethanol, and insoluble in benzene.
-Commercial products are usually 20% to 50% strength aqueous solutions. The degree of polymerization used in the paper industry is about 100, and its aqueous solution is positive. The pH value of the 5% aqueous solution is 8 to 11, and it will gel in the presence of acid.
-Polyethyleneimine has high reaction activity, can react with the groups in cellulose and cross-link and polymerize, so that the paper has wet strength and has a dry strengthening effect.
-The presence of any acid, alkali and aluminum sulfate will affect its wet strength and retention. It is mainly used as a wet strength agent for unsized absorbent paper (such as filter paper, blotting paper, toilet paper, etc.), but its damage Paper is more difficult to handle.

Storage And Handling

-Available in 30 kg/barrel or 250kg/barrel 
-Store products in tightly closed original containers at 5-35℃
-Shelf life: 12 months from delivery date

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      (CAS:25987-06-8) Polyethylenimine
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