(CAS No. 2261-99-6) 1H,1H,7H-Dodecafluoroheptyl methacrylate

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Product Detail

Typical Properties


Colorless Liquid    


Purity (%)



Flash(ing) point

57 °C








Boiling point (normal)

112 °C


Mol. wt.


Refractive index (19 )












l  It is very easy to copolymerize with other acrylate monomers in solution. Its copolymer is particularly suitable for preparing coatings. Copolymerization of dodecyl heptyl methacrylate with acrylic monomers for coatings can improve the chemical stability and weather resistance of coatings. Hydrolytic resistance, hydrophobic and oleophobic. This coating can form a coating with good adhesion and strength during drying at room temperature

l  It can be copolymerized with monomers with active functional groups such as (meth) acrylic acid, hydroxyacrylic acid ester, and hydroxyacrylamide to form thermosetting copolymer resins containing reactive functional groups. This resin can be used under the action of a crosslinking agent. Cured at room temperature or lower. Because dodecyl heptyl methacrylate contains multiple fluorine atoms, it has strong hydrophobicity, thereby reducing the phenomenon of coating film chalking, cracking, and gloss reduction caused by monomer hydrolysis. The addition of dodecafluoroheptyl methacrylate also greatly improves the pollution resistance

l  It has properties close to typical acrylic monomers, and can also be used for emulsion polymerization. As a fluorine-containing monomer,

l  due to the surface-active effect of fluorine, in order to improve the stability of the emulsion during polymerization. Polymerization with fluorinated emulsifiers

l  It is difficult to polymerize dodecyl heptyl methacrylate with light irradiation. It is particularly suitable for copolymerization with certain UV polymerizing monomers, and the resulting copolymer is used as a UV crosslinked resin.

l  It can be used as a component of a variety of special coatings. Due to its excellent chemical stability, this compound is used as a protective coating for aircraft; it can also be copolymerized with other vinyl compounds and propylene-based compounds for use as Paper smooth coating, this coating is necessary to protect the surface of printed paper and improve gloss, and improve the anti-blocking and anti-break properties

l  Can be used in the manufacture of contact lenses, photocopying toners, optical fibers, pigments and coatings, photosensitive resin materials, adhesives, medical equipment

Storage and Handling

l  Available in 30 kg/barrel or 250kg/barrel

l  Store products in tightly closed original containers at 5-35

l  Shelf life: 12 months from delivery date


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      (CAS No. 2261-99-6) 1H,1H,7H-Dodecafluoroheptyl methacrylate
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