GLASS Hydrophobic Glass Coating for Car

Excellent super hydrophobic property

Improve the windshield clarity when raining

The rainproof effect is very obvious when the speed is more than 60km/h

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    Colorless clear liquid
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Product Detail

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GLASS Hydrophobic Glass Coating for Car is Colorless clear liquid. alcohol based fast-dry self-cleaning nano coating for car windshield, building glass etc.

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Key features

-Rain repellent

-Good anti-UV and mud resistant

-No effect on the windshield transparent

-Excellent abrasion resistant and can last for long time

Typical properties

Appearance: Colorless clear liquid

Water contact angle (º): 110

Density (g/cm3 at 20℃): 0.80±0.03

Cover area (m2/L): 40-60

Surface dry time (min): 15-30


-Car windshield, Wall glass and any other glass etc.

Surface Preparation: Substrate surface must be completely free of all contaminants. Surface must be completely dry before coating.

Consumer: Drop or spray the liquid on the surface and completely wipe the surface by microfiber cloth.

Curing time: Dry it at ambient temperature for 30-60 min. Test it after 24 hours.

Storage and handling 

-Store products in tightly closed original containers at 5-35℃ FOR  GLASS Hydrophobic Glass Coating for Car
-Shelf life: 12-15 months from delivery date

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