Long-term Anti-Foggant Agent for windshield

Wide adaptability

Strong hydrophilicity

Excellent water resistance

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    Yellowish transparent liquid
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Where to buy Long-term Anti-Foggant Agent for windshield from China? SINOGRACE Chemical provides price, quality, packing, application etc.If you want to find more information, please feel free to contact sales@sinogracechem.com .

Long-term Anti-Foggant Agent for windshield is Yellowish transparent liquidIt has no stimulation to human body, strong adaptability and excellent construction performance.


Strong hydrophilicity

High hardness

Excellent water resistance

Good abrasion resistance

Wide adaptability

Transparent hydrophilic anti fog


Density(g/cm2) :0.8-1.0
Coating thickness(μm): 5-8
Leveling temperature/time(℃): 60℃/15min
UV Curing Energy(J/cm*cm): 380-450


Long-term Anti-Foggant Agent for windshield are very attractive for many applications, such as windshields

PET film / PC / PMMA sheets

Detection methods and performance indicators

Testing items

Test method


Initial droplet angle

3-5 ml water, 5 s test

< 5 degrees

Dry film adhesion

Berg test

Greater than 4B

Wet film adhesion

80 degrees steam fumigated nail scratch

Scratch free


Pencil Hardness Test (Acrylic Plate)

> 4H

Water test

Soak tap water at room temperature for 12 hours

< 10 degrees

Washing experiment

Wash and dry under the tap by hand and recycle 20 times.

< 10 degrees

HOW TO USE  Long-term Anti-Foggant Agent for windshield

Pre-cleaning: To ensure that the surface of the substrate is clean and free from dirt.

Spraying process: A disposable dropper can be uniformly sprayed on the sample plate, then placed vertically, first at room temperature for 90 seconds, then 60 degrees infrared for 15 minutes, and then UV curing.

Curing process: UV curing, energy between 380-450 J/cm*cm for Long-term Anti-Foggant Agent for windshield

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