Plywood, wood chipboard meets paint of water borne wood to be out of shape


Problem:Some of the materials used in the construction of wood products are plywood and wood chip fiberboard. One of the rubber is the most afraid of water, water paint spray

will dissolve the inside of the glue. The effect that USES close lacquer also is not ideal, how should solve? Is it easy to use sinograce chemical raw material solution? thank you .

Response:This type of wood is usually bonded with a phenolic resin, which is water-resistant.Are you sure the glue has been dissolved? What is the phenomenon that you see? Is

the wood deformed, not necessarily the glue dissolved?The commonest problem of waterborne coating is lumber be out of shape, this is the hydroscopicity that causes as a result of

lumber itself. We've just published an article on wood ridges on our website, and it describes some of the treatments.Including the use of our Special resin polymer for Acrylic

Industrial coatings PF - 136 products, you can refer to it.

It is sinograce chemical goal to promote the development of waterborne paint in China. I hope you found the above explanation helpful.

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