Prevention of shrinkage cavity in water-based paint film


based water paint

Abstract: Reducing the shrinkage of water-based paint film is focused on prevention,designing a rational paint formulation,controlling the paint manufacturing process, and strictly controlling the detection of paint materials, which can reduce the chance of shrinkage. Shrinkage holes have been caused, and it is usually difficult to completely solve them. It is necessary to control the degree of shrinkage holes by internal and external factors.

Prevention of shrinkage cavity in water-based paint film
1) Choose a good compatibility defoamer to reduce the chance of shrinkage

The prevention and solution of the problem of shrinkage of coatings focuses on controlling the raw materials, production formula and production process of the coatings to ensure the normal production and construction of the coatings. The defoaming agent is used to remove bubbles during the production process of the coatings. The construction process suppresses the generation of bubbles and breaks the bubbles. Release the bubble content air. This is the positive effect of the defoaming agent. The negative effect is to reduce the gloss of the coating film and the poor dispersion of the defoaming agent to form shrinkage cavities.

The defoaming agent is a low surface tension material which is insoluble in the system. The dispersing agent with good dispersibility and compatibility can be used to minimize the damage of the shrinkage cavity, and the defoaming agent with good dispersibility and compatibility is in the coating system. It is easy to disperse, the size of the dispersed droplets is suitable, and the defoaming agent in the system is not easy to aggregate into large defoamer droplets.

2) Hydrophobic surface active dispersant used in formula production
In the production of paints, raw materials and fillers are often contaminated. The ordinary hydrophilic dispersant is used to grind the surface of the paint slurry to suspend fine oil beads. In severe cases, the flocculent oil powder hybrids will float. The oil powder mixture with fine low surface tension exists inside the paint produced by using such polluted powder, and the construction shrinkage hole is difficult to control. The use of a hydrophobic surfactant-dispersing dispersant and a molecular-grade or non-mineral oil-based defoaming agent ensures the emulsification and dispersion of the oil-contaminated powder. The system has strong tolerance to raw materials and has the potential to prevent shrinkage. Reduce the occurrence of shrinkage cavities.

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