Printing paper glazing requirements for water-based polish


The performance requirements of water-based varnish for printing paper glazing are as follows:

1.The film has good environmental resistance. Some of the printed matter after glazing is used to make all kinds of packaging cartons, in order to be able to play a good protective effect on the packaged products, the environmental resistance of the glazing film layer must be better. For example, the packaging of food, cigarettes, cosmetics, clothing and other goods must have moisture-proof and mildew proof performance. After drying, the chemical resistance of the film layer should be stable, and its properties can not be changed by contact with chemical substances such as weak acids or weak bases in the environment

2.High transparency of the film layer, no discoloration. Prints to obtain excellent glazing effect, depends on the surface of the printed sheet to form a colorless transparent film, and after drying the text does not change color. It should not be discolored or yellowed due to sun exposure or long use time.

3.The film layer has a certain wear resistance. Printed paper requires a certain wear resistance and scratch resistance after glazing.

4.Good leveling, smooth film surface. There are many kinds of printing materials to print the impact of graphics, surface absorption, smoothness, wettability and so on are very different, in order to make the coating on the surface of different products can form a smooth film layer, requiring water-based polish smooth, smooth film surface.

5.With a certain flexibility. The bright film formed by any kind of water-based gloss oil on the surface of the printed matter must maintain good elasticity to adapt to the flexibility of paper or cardboard, and will not be damaged or cracked and fall off.

6. It has a certain adhesive force on the surface of printed matter. Due to the influence of the integral density of the ink layer on the surface of the printed matter, the surface adhesive suitability is greatly reduced. In order to prevent the film layer from dry cracking and defilm in use after drying, it is required that the film layer has strong adhesive force, and has certain adhesive force for ink and various auxiliary materials used in ink mixing.

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