Water Based Acrylic Dry Lamination Adhesive Glue For Pet/ Bopp/ Mpet Film To Paper Laminating

Water Based Acrylic Laminating Glue For Plastic Film To Paper

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Water Based Acrylic Dry Lamination Adhesive Glue For PET/ BOPP/ MPET Film To Paper laminating.

It is benzene/toluene free water based acrylic polymer emulsion adhesive designed for dry bond /heat seal laminating process.

Special for bopp film with prints by dry laminating machine or dry laminator processing .

Dry bond lamination is the process of coating the adhesive to plastic film, drying the adhesive with heat and air flow and then laminating the adhesive to a second substrate(paper/paper board/cardboard etc..) via a heat compression pressure.And at the same time can be slitting by manual or by sensor cutting machine.


Self-crosslinking acrylic polymer dispersion

Key features 

-Non-toxic and eco-friendly

-Execellent lamination

-High adhesion

-Self-crosslinking acrylic adhesive

-Adapt to high machine speed 45m/min

-Low dosage surface sizing and low cost

-Good brightness, high peel strength, no bubbles, smooth, good toughness

-Excellent coating performance, using at fully-automatic or semi-automatic dry laminating machine;

-Suitable for BOPP,PET film and paper's laminating, strong bonding strengthand good power-cover ability;

-Excellent lustrousness and transparency against ageing and yellowing;

-Environmentally safety suitable for packing of food, drug, alcohol and tobacco, children’s toys etc;

-Using water to clean the machine after used. Improving produce environment, eliminating electrostatic fire accident happen during the oily product draping and ensuring the health of production staff;

Typical properties

Appearance: Milky white emulsion

pH: 5.5-7.0

Solid content: 50±1%

Charge: Anionic

Viscosity (25℃): 100-240cP

Initial adhesive: >14# ball

Holding power: >24h

180° Peel strength: >8N/25um

1. Lower consumption than oil / solvent based lamination adhesives. non toxic .no harmful to healthy.
2. water based adhesive, free of toluene, eco-friendly.
3. Easy to clean the lamination equipment.
4. Can be use for highest speed automatic dry lamination machine.can run speed 45m-100meters/Minitues.


-Suitable for BOPP,PET film and paper's laminating, strong bonding strengthand good power-cover ability


1.Clean the adhesive tank and roller before use our adhesive;

2.Directly use ,Do not mix our adhesive with other chemicals;

3.Our adhesive only apply for BOPP film / PET / Metalized film .

4.Better make testing for with film or paper, before mass production, to check the color retention or bonding strength;

Storage and handling

Available in 200 kg/ barrel or 25 kg/ barrel

Store products in tightly closed original containers at 5-40℃

Shelf life: 9 months from delivery date

According to non-dangerous goods transport

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      Water Based Acrylic Dry Lamination Adhesive Glue For Pet/ Bopp/ Mpet Film To Paper Laminating
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