water based adhesive glue for bopp paper laminating

water based adhesive glue for bopp paper laminating is polymerized by special emulsion polymerization technology with various kinds of special acrylic monomers. It has good adhesion for plastic, metal, glass, cardboard etc. with characteristics of dry drying suitable for high speed coating and have good compatibility with pigment.

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Product Detail

Water based adhesive glue for bopp paper laminating mainly used in paper, plastic, adhesion of carton and material of shoes,BOPP sealing tape, Labels, stationery tape, double sided tape, cloth tape, electrical tape, cold lamination film and other coating manufacturing for various types of coating machine.

Advantages of cold laminating  glue : water as solvent, cheap, environmentally friendly, generally non-toxic and odorless, the glue itself is not flammable, the solid content range is wide, and the viscosity range is wide.


Self-crosslinking acrylic polymer dispersion


Key Features

-Low VOC and benzene free

-Good coating effect

-Low dosage surface sizing and low cost

-Apply to manual machine, semi-automatic and full-automatic machine

-Good brightness, high peel strength, no bubbles, smooth, good toughness

Typical Properties

Appearance: Milky white liquid

pH: 6.0-8.0

Solid content: 40±1%

Type of emulsion: Anionic

Viscosity (25℃): 100-200mPa·s

Initial adhesive: >14# ball

Holding power: >28h

180° Peel strength: >8N/25mm


-Lamination of BOPP films to printed paper/duplex board 

Storage And Handling

-Available in 200 kg/ barrel or 1000 kg/ barrel (IBC) for paper laminating adhesive glue

-Store products in tightly closed original containers at 5-35℃

-Shelf life: 6-9 months from delivery date

-According to non-dangerous goods transport

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