Water based glue for fiberglass mesh coating

High adhesive force acrylic emulsion is designed for fiberglass grid cloth manufactural process. It can fix the shape of fiberglass grid cloth and improve the performance.

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Product Detail

Where to buy Water based glue for fiberglass mesh coating at the good price from China  Water based glue for fiberglass mesh coating suppliers, factory, manufacturers etc. Water based glue for fiberglass mesh coating price is based upon quality,and we guarantee to supply high quality.If you need more information, please feel free to contact sales@sinogracechem.com.Water based glue for fiberglass mesh coating , is Milky white liquid liquid.Manual or machine operations.


Self-crosslinking acrylic polymer dispersion

Key features

-APEO free
-Fast drying speed
-Excellent positioning function
-Excellent anti stripping performance 
-Excellent bonding strength with fiberglass
-Improve the stiffness and lifetime of fiberglass mesh

-Increase the toughness of grid cloth and rebound resilience

Typical properties

Appearance: Milky white liquid

pH: 7.5-9.0

Solid content: 35±1%

Charge: Anionic

Viscosity (25℃): 300-800cP

Tg (℃): 45

Mechanical Stability: Very good

Particle size (nm): ~200


-Fiberglass adheisve/glue
-Fiberglass grid cloth/fiberglass mesh production etc.

Storage and handling

Available in 200 kg/ barrel or 25 kg/ barrel

Water based glue for fiberglass mesh coating should be stored in tightly closed original containers at 5-40℃

Shelf life: 6-9 months from delivery date

According to non-dangerous goods transport

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      Water based glue for fiberglass mesh coating
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