Car body and glass hydrophobic nano coating PF-306

Non-toxic nanocoating

No effect on the car paint gloss

Self-cleaning and super hydrophobic

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Product Detail

Car body and glass hydrophobic nano coating


Car body and glass hydrophobic nano coating PF-306 is water based fast-dry self-cleaning nano coating for car body etc. Easy to use and long duration.


Car self-cleaning nano coating

Key features


-Easy to use

-No effect on the car paint gloss

-Self-cleaning and super hydrophobic

-Liquidproof, anti-UV and long duration

Typical properties

Appearance:White milky liquid

Water contact angle (º):110

pH :6.0-7.0

Density (g/cm3 at 20℃):1.01±0.03

Duration (months):1-2

Cover area (m2/L):20-25

Dilute ratio (water):1:100


-Car body. Car glass

Dilute the PF-306 by mixing with water (1 part PF-306 to 100 parts water)

The preparation of solution:Firstly, add the quantitative PF-306 into a container, and then the quantitative water is added into. Finally, stir the solution at a low speed until uniformity.

Surface Preparation: Substrate surface must be completely free of all contaminants. Surface can wet or dry before coating.

Consumer: Drop or spray the liquid on the surface and evenly wipe the surface by sponge, and then clean with water.

Dry with a towel or dry naturally

Storage and handling

-Available in 5L/bottle, 25L/barrel or customized package

-Store products in tightly closed original containers at 5-35℃

-Shelf life: 12-15 months from delivery date

-According to non-dangerous goods transport

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