Metal rust inhibitor MC-P5200

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Product Detail


The passivating film is colorless

No chromium and heavy metal ions

Pollution-free and it is environmentally friendly product

Can increase the coating adhesion and anti-corrosion performance

Application process

  • Recommended dosage: 0.3~0.5%
  • Temperature: Room temperature or medium temperature
  • Processing time: 1-2 min
  • Processing way: Dipping or spray
  • pH: 8.0-10.0

The using dosage is depends on the storage time, material and other environmental indexes. Our technical engineer will recommend the optimal using dosage according to the customers’ request. 

Technical process 

① Degreasing---②Water wash---③Rust remove---④Water wash---⑤Phosphate ---⑥Water wash ---⑦Rust inhibitor---⑧Post treatment

Remark: Degreasing and rust removing process can be substituted for sand blasting


-Cast iron parts, cold-rolled sheet and galvanized steel profiles surface treatment etc.

Storage and handling

Available in 200 kg/ barrel or 25 kg/ barrel

Storage period: 12-24 months in closed containers, shady and dry place

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      Metal rust inhibitor MC-P5200
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