super hydrophobic textile andleather coating water repel nano coating for fabric

super hydrophobic textile and leather coating

Don’t need to add the crosslinking agent to the system,
Endow the fiber with excellent waterproof and oil proof properties

Applied by spraying, coating, wet roller, padding, dip-coating and other ways

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water based superhydrophobic coating


-Textile self-cleaning nano coating

Key features

-Easy-to-clean effects

-Free of PFOA and PFOS

-Fabric color and handle are not affected

-Outstanding and durable oil, soil and water repellency

Typical properties

Appearance: Yellowish milky liquid

Solid content (%): 20

pH (50% in water): 3.0-5.0

Density (g/cm3 at 20℃): 1.07±0.03

Viscosity (mPa·s at 20℃): 30-150mPa·s at 20℃

Dilute ratio: 1:10


-Fabric, Textile, Cotton, Wool, Polyester fabric, Suede/leather corduroy etc.

Home application

-Clean the textile products (clothes, shoes etc)

-Dry it under room temperature

-Dilute the fabric water repellent hydrophobic coating by mixing with water (1 part PF-206 to 10~12 parts water)

-Spray the diluted solution on the textile products or dipping it into solution

-Dry it under high temperature (>100℃) for 10-15min by using dryer, household electric iron, blower and laundry drier etc.

Industrial application

The preparation of solution

-Firstly, add the quantitative fabric water repellent hydrophobic coating into a container, and then the quantitative water is added into. Finally, stir the solution at a low speed until uniformity.

-While using it with crosslinking agent, penetrating agent, crease resistant resin and other additives together, all of these additives should be separately diluted and avoid additives raw solution mixing.

The recommended dosage

-Polyester fabric: 10~25 g/L

-Nylon fabric: 10~ 25g/L

-Polyester or cotton fabric: 15~40 g/L

The application method


-Predrying temperature: 100~120℃

-Dry: Recommended 150-170℃ by the stenter setting machine for 60 seconds.

Storage and handling

Available in 5L/barrel or 25L/barrel for fabric water repellent hydrophobic coating

Store products in tightly closed original containers at 5-35℃

Shelf life: 12-15 months from delivery date

According to non-dangerous goods transport

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      super hydrophobic textile andleather coating water repel nano coating for fabric
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