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Baking performance of water-based glass paint - ask an expert for water-based paint.


I would like to ask about the water-based glass baking paint .Water has a boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius, so if you bake it at 140 degrees, it won't boil and bubble up

and destroy the film. Right?


Water - based paint to balance the evaporation of water and film curing between the relationship .Usually because the film is thin(about 20 microns) .Basically, the water in

the paint film evaporates almost before the temperature reaches 100C,and even if the temperature reaches more than 100C,Because the resin has not fully crosslinked, strong

plasticity, can ensure the migration of water vapor,so usually the evaporation of water will not cause the bubble in the paint film . This point, water based paint and solvent-based

paint no difference, many solvent-based paint baking has exceeded the boiling point of the solvent, but the bubble is the same principle to avoid . Of course,When the film thickness

increases, this problem will be one of the factors considered in the process, which can be solved by adjusting the baking time and heating speed .

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