Water-based paint knowledge base-Leveling and rheological properties of waterborne coatings


Leveling and rheological properties of waterborne coatings

Problem: water borne white coating wants to have certain rheological already, want to maintain just right leveling sex again, how to do?


This problem is one of the characteristics and technical characteristics of water based paint ,In principle, it is mainly the relationship between

equilibrium viscosity and rheology (plasticity). In practice, the main solution is to choose the right thickener.Of course, the solid content of coating

itself is also one of adjustable variables.In addition, the drying speed of the coating is another factor affecting the final leveling. The specific method

can refer to the water - based formula library of Sinograce Chemical.

For more information about waterborne coatings, you can also visit the waterborne coatings knowledge base of Sinograce Chemical  .
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