What are the properties of Teflon coatings


Teflon is the abbreviation of polytetrafluoroethylene, this material has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, resistance to various organic solvents, almost insoluble in all solvents, so it has the title of "non-stick coating". With the development of thermal spraying technology, Teflon coatings can be applied to stainless steel, copper, aluminum, magnesium and various alloy metal materials, but also can be applied to glass, rubber plastic and other non-metallic materials. So, today we are going to introduce, what are the characteristics of Teflon coating?

1.Non-viscous: the coating surface has a very low surface tension, so it shows relatively strong non-viscous, and few solid substances can stick to the coating.

2.Wear resistance: under high load operation, has good wear resistance.

3.corrosion resistance: Teflon is less affected by the chemical environment, can withstand most of the action of organic solvents, can protect parts from chemical corrosion.

4.High temperature resistance: the coating has strong high temperature resistance and fire resistance, high temperature resistance to 300 ° C for a short time, generally between 240 ° C and 260 ° C can be used continuously, with significant thermal stability, but also unexpectedly very low thermal conductivity.

5.Moisture resistance: the coating surface is hydrophobic and oleophobic, and it will not be easy to dip into the solution during production operation. Even if there is a small amount of solution dirt, it can be simply wiped, convenient to clean and save production time.

6.Slippability: polytetrafluoroethylene film has a low friction coefficient. When the load slides, the friction coefficient changes, but the value is only between 0.05 and 0.15.

With the continuous improvement of thermal spraying technology, the performance of the coating prepared is also constantly improving, and the excellent performance of Teflon coating is widely used in national defense, aerospace, electronics, electrical, chemical, machinery, instruments, meters, construction, textile, metal surface treatment, pharmaceutical, medical, food, metallurgical smelting and other industries, which has become a spraying technology that cannot be ignored.

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