Agricultural Synergist Organic Silicone Surfactant For Pesticide

Agricultural Synergist Organic Silicone Surfactant For Pesticide WET-608 is a superspreading surfactant/wetting agent based on a trisiloxane ethoxylate. It lowers the surface tension of spray solutions, beyond that which is achievable with conventional adjuvants.

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Product Detail

Agricultural Synergist Organic Silicone Surfactant For Pesticide WET-608 is modified Trisiloxane, and is an organic silicone surfactant with super ability of spreading. It makes the water surface tension lower down to the 20.5mN/m at the concentration of 0.1% (wt.).

Agricultural Synergist Organic Silicone Surfactant For Pesticide has super spreading and penetrating property, high-efficient systemic and conduction property, and tolerance property of rainfall

Agricultural Synergist Organic Silicone Surfactant For Pesticidcan add to the biological pesticide spray mixture liquid such as pesticide, bactericide, herbicide, foliar fertilizer, plant growth regulator, etc, especially applied for systemic pharmacy.

* Super spreading for exceptional spray coverage of crop and plant surfaces

* Up to 70% spray volume reduction to lower water use and application costs

* Excellent penetration providing better pesticide uptake and efficacy

* Better spray treatment adhesion on crop and plant surfaces

* Rainfastness to lower pesticide wash-off and waste

* Lower use levels than non-silicone surfactants

* nonionic


Modified trisiloxane ethoxylate

Key features

Nonionic surfactant

Improves spray coverage

Promotes spray volume reduction

Promotes rapid uptake of agrochemicals (rainfastness)

Superspreader for soluble liquid and emulsifiable concentrate formulations

Typical properties

Appearance:          Colorless clear liquid

Active content:       100% (%)

Density:                 1.02 (g/cm3)

Viscosity:               30-80 (cp, 25 ℃)

Cloud Point :          <10 (0.1 wt%), (℃)

Pour Point:             -8 (℃)

CAS No. :               67674-67-3

Surface tension:     <21.5 (0.1%, dyn/cm)


-Plant Growth Regulators            0.025% to 0.05%

-Herbicide                                   0.025% to 0.15%

-Insecticide                                 0.025% to 0.1%

-Fungicide                                  0.015% to 0.05%

-Fertilizers and Micronutrients     0.015% to 0.1%

Note: use rates are dependent on crop, agrochemical and spray volume requirements.

Storage and handling

Available in 25 kg/barrel or 200kg/barrel

Store products in tightly closed original containers at 5-40℃

Shelf life: 12 months from delivery date

This product should be sealed and stored in a ventilated and dry place to prevent rain and sunlight. It should not be mixed with strong acid, strong alkali or toxic substance, mixed and stacked

This product is transported by non-dangerous goods

How to use


-WET-608 wetting gent/surfactant can be used in agrochemical formulations. Although organosilicone surfactants are subject to hydrolysis under acidic or basic conditions, optimum performance is achieved by buffering the formulation to pH 6.0-8.0. Additionally, it is recommended that WET-608 spray adjuvant be used at a concentration of at least 5%, based on the total formulation.


-WET-608 spray adjuvant, when used as a tank-side adjuvant may be used to improve spray coverage, improve uptake or to allow for a reduction in spray volume. WET-608 spray adjuvant is most effective as a tank-side adjuvant when spray mixtures are (1) within a pH range of 5-8, and (2) used within 24 hours of preparation.

-High spray volumes, coupled with high surfactant rates, are not required to achieve sufficient coverage with WET608 spray adjuvant. In fact, WET608 spray adjuvant has the potential to provide adequate coverage in many low volume spray applications at rates between 0.025% and 0.1%.

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