Wetting Agent For Water-based Coatings

Wetting agent wet-245 has excellent substrate wetting and leveling, widely used in all kinds of paint and ink coating system. Have good water solubility and smoothness, also can reduce the surface friction, and prevent the generation of defects such as shrinkage, orange peel.

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High performance wetting agent WET-245 is a high wetting agent modified by polyether siloxane copolymer. It has excellent substrate wetting, anti-crater effect and flow promotion performances. It is widely used in all kinds of water based and solvent based system.Wetting Agent For Water-based Coatings Silicone Oil Polyether Silicone Oils wetting agent for coating Silicone Liquid Surfactant Silicone Surfactants


Polyether siloxane copolymer

Wetting Agent For Water-based Coating

Key features

Excellent anti-crater effect

Provides excellent wettability, slippery and wear resistance

Compatible with other additives and not affect the recoatability

Low surface tension, good leveling and good comprehensive properties

It is the polyether modified silicone oil, safety and environmental protection, no pollution to the environment. 

Wetting Agent For Water-based Coating

Typical properties

Appearance:                 colorless to light yellow liquid

Active content (%):       100%

Density (g/cm3):           1.02

Viscosity (cp, 25 ℃):     30-100

Cloud Point:                  55-60 (0.1 wt%), (℃)

Solubility:                      Soluble in water

wetting agent for coating Silicone Liquid Surfactant Silicone Surfactants 


-water-based coatings / paint

-Solventborne paint/coating

-Waterborne Wood paint

-Waterborne industrial paint

-water-based acrylic

-Plastic coating 

-Lacquer coating

-Printing ink etc.

Recommended dosage: 0.1-1.0% wt (according to the experiment)

Storage and handling

25kg, 50kg, 200kg plastic barrel or drum seal packaging, storage at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

Limited liability:  Please read this information data is as far as we know without any warranty, before using please make testing

Store products in tightly closed original containers at 5-40℃

Shelf life: 1 year from delivery date

According to non-dangerous goods transport

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