• Sinograce Chemical wish you a happy New Year
    Sinograce Chemical wish you a happy New Year


    Thank you for the New Year gift of our company. In the New Year, we hope to make our products better and serve our customers better,Hope the performance increase day! Sinograce Chemical wish you a happy New Year!

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  • Introduction and application field of waterborne polyurethane waterproof coating
    Introduction and application field of waterborne polyurethane waterproof coating


    Environmentally friendly water-based polyurethane waterproof coating is two-component,The component A is an isocyanate-terminated prepolymer obtained by polycondensation of polyether and isocyanate, and the component B is a colored liquid composed of a plasticizer, a curing agent, a thickener, a coagulant, and a filler.After use, the two components of methyl and ethyl are evenly mixed according to the ratio, and they are painted on the surface of the waterproof base layer, and a chemical reaction occurs, which penetrates into the pores inside the base material and fuses with the base material to form a layer of crystalline and dense waterproof. The anti-corrosion layer closes the water passage and infiltration, and achieves waterproof and anti-corrosion effects. Polyurethane resin can be used to increase the carcass reinforcement treatment in areas where flooding, expansion joints, culverts, etc. are extremely important or require special treatment. After completion, it can be used as a protective layer or other covering layer.If the base surface is too dry, it can be sprayed with water to moist and no clear water. After spraying, it will be more effective after curing.Applicable to national key projects and general waterproofing projects, such as roofing, colored steel tiles, balconies, basements, civil air defense works, kitchens and bathrooms, culverts, tunnels, bridges, pools and other projects. Anti-corrosion of tunnels and other projects, and bonding of wooden floors, cement boards, asbestos products, glass steel products, ceramic products, floor tiles, etc., can also be used for caulking materials of building structures, floor heating, porcelain tiles and cement flooring And floor professional waterproof treatment.

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  • Water based polyurethane glass fiber sizing agent(Cluster agent)
    Water based polyurethane glass fiber sizing agent(Cluster agent)


    Glass fiber is an important reinforcing material for the manufacture of fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), and is also used for weaving high temperature resistant fiber cloth.But the glass fiber that has not been treated is brittle, easy to take static electricity after friction, and the surface is smooth, when making the reinforcing material of the resin is not easy to stick with the resin.In the manufacture of fiberglass, a sizing agent (or a bundling agent) must be used in order to make a continuous filament of fiberglass into a yarn, increasing its surface polarity, toughness, and strength.Sizing agent is generally composed of water-based resin film-forming agent, lubricant, coupling agent and other additives (such as antistatic agent), such as emulsion or aqueous solution.Sizing agent plays an important role in the properties of glass fiber and the FRP materials made from it. The role of the film-forming resin is to form a thick and tough continuous protective film on the surface of the fiber to prevent the fiber from being damaged by friction. At the same time, the continuous protective film formed must have good elasticity to suit the high-speed drawing process.Among the sizing agents, film-forming substances that have been used include polyvinyl acetate emulsions, water-based polyurethanes, and water-based epoxy resins.Because water-based polyurethane has excellent abrasion resistance, elasticity and good adhesion properties, water-based polyurethane is a film-forming resin for glass fibers that has always been effective.Because the surface of glass fiber has anionic properties, cationic waterborne polyurethane resin is generally used to obtain good adhesion, and in the sizing process, a dense waterborne polyurethane film can be formed on each fiber, which is suitable for high speed of glass fiber The drawing causes shear forces on the sizing slurry.Mixtures or copolymers of waterborne polyurethane and other waterborne resins can also be used as sizing resin! Sinograce Chemical produces a wide variety of chemical additives with reliable quality. visit us sinograce chemical: https://www.sinogracechem.com Get a Quote Now :sales@sinogracechem.com Telephone               :+86 0551 63459511

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  • Water-based polyurethane paper coating
    Water-based polyurethane paper coating


    1.Paper-based coating resins have been switched from natural water-based resins such as celluloses to synthetic resin emulsions such as carboxystyrene butadiene emulsions, polyvinyl acetate emulsions, and acrylic emulsions, among which acrylic emulsions have more excellent properties.However, the above resins are still difficult to meet the higher requirements for the development of coated paper. Water-based polyurethane can be used as a binder resin in paper coating agents to increase paper printing strength.Water-based polyurethane aqueous dispersions are also used to coat special papers to make them resistant to hydrocarbon solvents. For example, it is used on smooth lead paper in the food packaging industry in an amount of 8-10g / ㎡, and has sufficient oil resistance. Abrasion-resistant, bending-resistant and folding-resistant, high-gloss elastic transparent film. This coating film has good water resistance and resistance to aromatic and ester hydrocarbon solvents.Due to their good performance at low temperatures, they can be used in cryogenic packaging. 2.Waterborne polyurethane is also suitable for decorative coatings due to its high gloss, elasticity and good compatibility with pigments.It is used as a coating on the outer surface of packaging paper bags and cartons, not only for decoration, but also to increase strength and improve packaging quality.Wallpapers with water-based polyurethane as the topcoat are waterproof and stain resistant and can be washed with water. Compounding water-based polyurethane with other water-based resins can make paper have good performance.The paper coating contains a large amount of filler. Generally, calcium carbonate, porcelain clay, dispersant, and water are ground into a ball mill tank to a suitable fineness.Add this material and water-retaining agent, defoaming agent, whitening agent, and water-based polyurethane emulsion to the high-speed dispersing machine to disperse uniformly to obtain water-based polyurethane paper coating. sinograce chemical produces paper coatings, wetting agents, defoaming agents and other additives for use with polyurethane paper coatings. visit us sinograce chemical: https://www.sinogracechem.com Get a Quote Now :sales@sinogracechem.com Telephone               :+86 0551 63459511

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